1. Omg R.Kelly what is this?

  2. Batmanatee!


  3. One thing I would quite like to know…

    Why the fuck were there newborns and a 6 year old in a cinema watching Batman?!

    Who takes a baby to the movies?!

    And isn’t this film at least a PG-13?!

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    Because nerds are doing shit like this:

    and they are petitioning to get Christian Bale to dress up like Batman and visit the victims in the hospital. Can you imagine anything more terrifying, more triggering for them?

    And the white shooter was treated with more dignity…

    It’s quite late and I’m a bit too tired to be detailed but I wanted to say something myself here.

    The first point, though not too eloquently, I do agree with quite a bit.

    Firstly, yes, it will be triggering for some people. Not everyone who went to go see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on opening night in Denver was necessarily a hard core fan of the series and although some injured people would really appreciate and love to be visited by Christian Bale/Batman some will find it very hard to deal with.

    People have been shot and been through a very turbulent and nerve wracking ordeal; that can really fuck you up. Psychological it is possible and actually very likely for them to connect Batman with death and pain which would understandably instigate panic attacks and distress. That’s what forms phobias for instance; correlating bad and upsetting things with completely passive and usually harmless objects and scenarios. An example; I’m an emetophobic (fear vomit), when I was 7 I had an extremely bad case of food poisoning while sleeping over at a friend’s house. After that it took me 4 years to re-ajust to staying the night anywhere but my own house without a panic attack because I was scared it would cause me to vomit; utterly irrational but something I could not suppress. This is not selective to children either, it can happen at any point in life. It’s completely natural for the brain to make this connection, like when you see an object that reminds you of your significant other, it makes you happy or you hear a song that was played at a loved one’s funeral, it makes you sad.

    I think this is a very legitimate concern, not ‘dumb’ at all.

    As for the whole people putting Batman on a pedestal thing and using the fandom to support victims, I do think it is harsh to tell these people they should be ‘ashamed’. The thought is there, with all the kindness in heart for those harmed and that is extremely admirable and touching.

    However sometimes it’s just not appropriate. It’s a little tricky here because, yes, it took place while the film was playing but it does sort of remind me of past events where delicate subjects probably weren’t handled as respectfully as they could have been; not with malicious intent but perhaps through naivety.

    For instance I remember when the tsunami happened in Japan and people on DA were drawing pictures of their favourite anime characters mourning etc. It was done with the greatest love but when you thought of all the damage done and all the loss of people’s lives, homes, industries and historical icons, squashed down into a picture of Pikachu crying it just didn’t seem right. Similarly when the riots happened in London and people were saying that Dr. Who would come to save us or ‘thinking of London’ with Harry Potter gif sets with song lyrics on and stuff. I recall this (fake) image going about of Trafalgar Square on fire and people were outraged; not because it would have been a national tragedy, damaging an iconic place of England, but because it was where the ‘Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ premiere took place. People clearly cared about the riots and their effect on others but things like that just felt so ignorant.

    The thing is, when fictional based characters are brought into these sorts of events it often can feel like it’s not handled with the kind of severity and gravitas it probably merits. People have died, real people: mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, friends etc. Using a character, that doesn’t exist (and really in the grand scheme of things, is irrelevant) to attempt to provide support, even with the purest intent, can often just feel empty, and maybe do more harm than good.

    Once again I don’t think it is fair to abuse and say horrible words to people who do use fictional objects to cope or demonstrate that their thoughts are with those in need, but I do urge people to somethings stop and consider the reaction from the other side and what value that would actually have to the person you are trying to reach.

    That’s my opinion on the matter.

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    Anyone know where I could get a hat, JUST THE HAT, to a Harley Quinn costume?

    I am sort of trying to re-create this:

    (Claire Hummel, LEGEND)

    Or another of Quinzel’s more gothic designs from Arkham Asylum/City but jeez finding JUST the hat on it’s own is hard work.

    It’s for a party at the beginning of August and I am shit at sewing etc so making one is kind of out of the question unless it is really cheap and simple.

    BTW I LIVE IN THE UK, so would rather not buy from abroad cos of prices and import tax.


    For anyone who leads me to a perfect buy, I’ll sketch you something if you like. =D

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win win win

Oh my fuck

shit okay i might be a satanist now




    win win win

    Oh my fuck

    shit okay i might be a satanist now

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    Kevin Wada

  8. blahblahblasphemy:

    Bat Cave home movie theatre.

    You sure this isn’t a theme park attraction? I SWEAR I’ve been on this…’ride’ of sorts. Whatever it’s awesome!

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    ……I…I don’t think there are any words.

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  10. This trailer is so badass. Love how it’s all kinda Cyber-punky and so grimy but in an entirely different way to the films; which is great, doesn’t feel like a cash in, feels like it’s own adaption.

    And Mark Hamill as the Joker is ALWAYS a winner, so hard to believe sometimes that that’s Luke Skywalker talking.

    My only complaint, once again, is Harley Quinn, in both games she’s commented on how rad new look is but neither of her designs were that good. Without the jester hat and a mask she just doesn’t look like herself; the bunches will never make up for this. And her outfit here is just sorta boring, corset/tank top with belt and leather trousers or whatever they are made out of. Nothing wrong with that just that it’s a bit…meeeeeh.

    MUCH prefer Shoomlah’s design for her;


    Still got the tank top and jeans etc. but it’s mixed up with an awesome jester beanie hat, rough painted on mask, huge mean biker boots and jacket and a cigar that screams, ‘Don’t mess with me!’

    Just looks sooooo much better and I don’t know why they keep rejecting this sort of style for all this bizarre overpacked, or oversimplified, buckled bondage they keep putting her in instead.